How to Increase Jobs in Southwest Illinois

manIn the past 3 years the rate of unemployment in Southwest Illinois has decreases from 9.6% to 6%. This has been in large part due to Illinois’ openness to new businesses. From infrastructure to transportation to incentives, the improvement in all these areas has resulted in an overall improvement in the standard of living. From housing to healthcare and the cost of living, Southwest Illinois will continue to see an increase in the standard of living if they keep raising their standards in these areas.

With continued improvements to roads, railways and ports, more businesses trade and investors, will be willing to come into the area if infrastructure allows for easy access and mobility. This includes buildings, sites and power supplies.

The different levels of transportation also contributes to how to increase jobs in southwest Illinois. This includes areas such as public transportation, rail transportation, highway transportation, water transportation and air transportation.
Though the counties link 3 highways and cover 122 miles, with the linking of more highways, various businesses will find it easier to access the area with more roads leading into it.

1438918233702Currently, the region boasts 40 rail lines going from its start point to all parts of North America. Like the highways, it also has 3 railroad lines that maximize accessibility for coal and other produce and passengers who could be tourists as well.
With America’s Central port 3 miles away from St. Louis, it provides a great port point for the shipment of goods and cargo. By creating more shipping routes and by offering more possibilities for trade and business opportunities, the region will be able to greatly benefit from access to this hub.

Currently, the region has 3 active airports – MidAmerica St. Louis Airport, St. Louis Downtown Airport and St. Louis Regional Airport. All 3 airports offer a way to bring in more cargo and goods, allowing the locals to import products that they can sell within their respective county lines. However, they are somewhat limited by few planes coming in and out and could bring in more cargo and goods by accepting international cargo that will expand the range of goods and services available in Southwest Illinois and ultimately, boost the overall quality of living.

Due to the fact that most people in the region drive, public transport – including bus and trains – are not as fully functioning as they should be. Though they are meant to specifically cater to tourists, it does not offer enough stops and stations at tourist hot-spots. By providing more stations and bus-stops with easy to read guides and maps, it will be able to bring in more tourists and thus, boost the overall economy of the region – giving local small to medium enterprises a chance to increase profits and develop.

With all these areas improved, the cost of living and job-count will increase rapidly.


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