The Best Bakeries In Illinois

cream-170439_1280When it comes to magnificent bakeries, Illinois has had more than its fair share. Very few things in this world evoke as much pleasant memories and feelings like the smell of fresh cakes and bread. While many favorites can be listed, each with a unique bakery name, it is best to narrow down the pick to only the best bakeries in Illinois; which are five in number;

1. Pleasant House Bakery
There are many places which serve pot pie in Illinois, but Pleasant House Bakery has earned the title “master” of pot pie. The ingredients used by this bakery are of top quality, much of which is harvested from its own garden. What makes this bakery so fascinating is the fantastic crust on its pie. It is both flaky, golden, and crispy, but is still very much yielding. The bakery’s diffident counter is situated below a chalkboard menu together with a sparse and rustic dining area.

2. Weber’s Bakery

mixed-berries-1470226_1280This bakery is an old school and family owned mainstay whose festive sugar cookies, decorated cupcakes, and the impeccable design of its cakes, have shown just why the bakery has thrived for more than eighty years. It is one of the finest bakeries in Illinois, and it has been offering its customers with a wide variety of high quality pastries, cakes, and breads. It is very much committed to maintaining past traditions while still providing customers with modern options. There is also very efficient and courteous customer service, which encourages customers to share in the bakery’s delicious and beautiful products with family and loved ones.

3. Delight Pastries
Though this bakery is best known for its polish doughnuts, it also makes outstanding danishes, cakes, breads, cookies, together with other sweets. Pazcki is the bakery’s strength when it comes to making doughnuts. This bakery also offers classes in baking for anyone looking to improve on their home baking skills. Their marble pound cake goes really well with a cup of hot black coffee.

4. Dinkel’s Bakery
hands-731241_1280This family-owned bakery shop has been operational and going strong through four generations of people, for a total period of 91years. They make remarkable doughnuts and pastries; and the quality of their products is beyond compare. Besides cakes, doughnuts, pies, and cookies, the bakery also sells sandwiches and salads that are prepared with roasted meat. There are also special-order cakes and party trays for all occasions. Most of the features on the mail-order catalog are still being made with their original recipes from 1922, the year in which the bakery was founded.

5. Bruno’s Bakery
This is also another magnificent bakery with a wide selection of tempting tarts, pastries, and cakes to choose from. It has been operational for forty years, The bakery adds a french touch to its products, thus providing customers with a delicious and unique treat. They make pumpernickel, straight sourdough, and rye and sunflower bread that has light, fluffy dough inside and golden crusts. It also represents the final relics of the Lithuanian heritage and culture in Bridgeport.

cupcake-526424_1280The above best bakeries in Illinois go to show how much of carb loaders the residents are, and they are not ashamed of it. Each of these bakeries has their own niche, and as such they are different in their own ways, yet still working towards the same goal of satisfying the needs of the people of Illinois.


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